Below you will find some of the products and services that Wuf offers, however, I do offer more. You can also ask for some of these products a la carte as well. Don't be shy, I aim to please, and if it's a product or service that I don't currently offer I would love to hear about it and look into it for the future.


  • Intro to Reiki  (wherever I feel your dog needs it)

  • Calming aromatherapy in a chill environment, filled with positive vibes

  • A warm bath with premium eco-friendly and all-natural shampoo/conditioner tailored to your pets skin and coat

  • Each dog in my care will also receive AT LEAST two washes with shampoo, this is to assure that your pup is fully clean and that all of the added benefits from the products are doing what they are supposed to. Your pup is washed with my Bathing Beauty machine that is a power bathing system designed to reduces water consumption and energy usage. It is designed to be environmentally friendly by creating its own water pressure. It goes deep into your pets coat for the most optimal cleansing of the coat. Each wash is tailored to your dog based on their skin and coat needs with my premium all-natural luxury shampoo and conditioner that will be sure to leave your pets coat soft, shiny and smelling absolutely fabulous 

  • Specialized facial shampoo to target tear stains and face odor

  • Eyewash to help dislodge eye debris

  • Ear cleaning, and hair removal (if dog allows)

  • A relaxing doggie massage while the conditioner sits (trust me, your pup will love this! Every doggo falls asleep during this part) 

  • And while the conditioner sits and after the massage, I also wash your pups paws in a special paw pad shampoo with a brilliant combination of soothing oatmeal and essential vitamins to restore and renew dry, cracked and damaged pads. This paw and pad treatment conditions your pets’ paws leaving them rejuvenated and refreshed, and helps with allergies, yeast and everyday wear and tear 

  • External anal gland expression if you request, and the dog permits

  • Teeth brushing with a take home eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush (save the toothbrush for your next apt and save the planet!)

  • A Pro-Keratin Leave-In Conditioner, which is like a moisturizer for doggies skin & coat, it hydrates strengthens, detangles, and nourishes the coats. It reduces flyway's and enhances the manageability. Fortified with the unique blend of sunflower oil, Argan, and Aloe Vera effectively restores moisture levels and softness

  • A silk protein liquid added to your pups damp coat to restore dry, damaged and corse coat. Once blown into their coat it turns into a hot oil treatment for your pups spa day

  • Blow dry and fluff (all dogs wear a happy hoodie when being blow-dried. It is a stretchy band that goes around their head and protects their ears from the loud noise of the dryer)

  • Paw and sanitary trim 

  • A rich hydrating butter balm for your pups paw pads. This is a great follow up after their paw pad scrub in the bath. Dogs paws need moisture just like our feet/hands need lotion. This hydrating butter helps cracked, dry and rough paw pads 

  • Brushing/combing and fluffing of the coat

  • Nail trimming & grinding (if the dog permits)

  • A spritz of all-natural premium pet cologne

  • A bow(s) or bandana/bow tie.

  • Grooming report card (this will be sent to you via your email. Remember Wüf is an eco-friendly business and the less paper trail we leave, the better!)

  • There are also some really great extras that you can look into on my website at 

  • Wüf is also fully self contained. Meaning I run off of my own water and electrical source! 

  • Your pup is sure to enjoy this ultimate all-natural spa day with Wüf

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Wuf uses all-natural and luxury shampoos, conditioners, ear cleaners, sprays and more. Only the best for you and your pet.

iGroom is a leading luxury pet beauty and health company with a reputation for the finest scientifically-developed shampoos, conditioners skin cares and other products available for pets. 

All iGroom products are made here in the United States. You can look at their ingredients and more on their website. 


I strongly believe in their products and love being able to use them on my furry clients. And all of the shampoos and conditioners that I use will be tailored to the needs of your pet.

Wuf & Relax Package.png

Wüf  & RELAX

This is an add-on package on top of the groom price

This is the ultimate package to pamper your pet! It's perfect for senior dogs, dogs with ailments, anxious dogs, and any dog you just want to give the royal treatment to. Accompanied in this package is our CBD tincture specifically for pets. It's sure to relieve stress, stimulate circulation, and reduce muscle pain.


What is CBD? Natural Path Omega 3 and CBD Oil for Pets placed in pet's mouth, Vet 

recommended and proven to ease anxiety and stress in your dog.



  • Lavender shampoo to calm

  • Deep conditioning treatment

  • Paw & nose balm

  • Paw scrub for deep cleaning

  • Paw fizzes (bath bomb)

  • CBD drops

  • Relaxing massage while shampooed/conditioned

  • Reiki where it's needed on pet

iGroom Deshed Shampoo & Conditioner.png

$125 an hour

(starting price)
1 hour minimum


Lets talk deshedding!! This is quite possibly my favorite and most rewarding process to offer a shedding dog. However, what you need to know is this... your shedding dog will always shed. I know, crazy right?! 

The key to helping your dog shed less is frequent baths with my de-shedding shampoo and conditioner. There is also a common misconception that dogs only shed during spring and fall, but this is simply not true anymore. Most dogs shed all year round, and some more than others.


Keeping your pup on a recurring grooming schedule will not only help your dogs skin and coat, but it will help your floors, couch and clothes from all the unwanted furballs! 

The best thing is that iGroom makes an all-natural de-shedding shampoo and conditioner combo that actually works, and it smells amazing!! 


I believe in Humanity Before Vanity always. This means that if your dog has matted fur then I believe shaving them down is the most humane thing that can be done. However, if I feel that the matting isn't too bad and your dog will tolerate me brushing them, then I will do so. For extra brushing/dematting and time: $1 a minute 

This also goes for having to pre-shave your dog before the bath. If your dog is matted to the point that I must clip them before the bath, this will be $1 a minute added to your total. I believe in only clipping and working on clean hair. This is because clean hair is healthy hair. Clipping and brushing on dirty hair is not good for your dog, me, or my equipment

Pricing will vary based on the size, coat condition, and behavior of your pup. For a price quote please text me at (951) 285-9845

At this time I am only taking dogs that are 35 pounds and under (There are some minor exceptions)


-Collar Washing: $6 

This is really good for those extra stinky fabric collars!

-Special Handling Fee: $15+

-Flea & Tick Treatment: $25+

-Tick Removal (20 ticks max): $20+

-Fox Tail Removal (20 max): $20+

-Jewel Add-On: $5

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100% Nautral 1
Teeth Package.png

Importance Of A Regular Grooming Schedule With Wüf

Sage would like to talk to you about the importance of keeping your fur baby on a regular grooming schedule. 

Regular bathing promotes healthy skin and coat, even for your short-haired dogs. All of the products that Wuf uses are top quality and will never dry out your dog's skin and coat. In fact, it will help promote hair growth and keep the coat's natural oils in a good state. 

Regular nail trimming and grinding will eliminate splayed feet, which can contribute to arthritis later in life. Regular nail trimming/grinding will also help keep the quick (vein) inside the nail pushed back, which in turn will help your pup's nails stay nice and short. 

Trimming/shaving the pads of the feet will help prevent tracking in mud, dirt, sand, and germs into the house. 

Regular cleaning and plucking of the ear canal will help tremendously with potential ear infections. 

Sanitary trims are done for cleanliness. 

Regular grooming prevents matting and compacted undercoats. 

And lastly, the difference between a dog that is groomed every 3-6 months and a dog that is groomed every 4-6 weeks is one dog thinks it's being punished, while the other thinks it's part of life.

Here at Wuf, I require that all of my furry clients stay on a rotating schedule of 2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks. Ask me, Erin, today what schedule would be best for you and your fur baby.