Wüf's Policies & Procedures

Thank you for entrusting your beloved pet with me. Your trust is not taken lightly and every effort will be made to honor that trust. Your dog is very important to me at Wuf. I would like to assure you that every effort will be made to make your dog's grooming experience as safe and pleasant as possible. Safety always comes first for everyone during the grooming process: people as well as the animals. I am both licensed and insured for the benefit of both parties. 

When becoming a client of Wuf Holistic Mobile Dog Grooming, LLC you are required to fill out my form that will ask you questions about yourself and your pups, as well as go over my policies and procedures. Please make sure that you read over them thoroughly, and if you have any questions do let me know. 

Cancelation Policy


Last-minute no-shows, reschedule or cancellations can ruin the flow of time and money for a small business. Mobile groomers, as opposed to shops, do not take walk-ins and only work with a few dogs per day. For this reason, Wuf has a strict cancellation policy.

There is a 48-hour cancelation or rescheduling policy. Meaning, you must call or text me within 48-hours before your scheduled appointment. I understand that emergencies happen, so these will be taken into consideration when you must cancel or reschedule after 48-hours. Two days allows me enough time to move people around or take people off of my cancelation list. Please understand that as a small business this is super important. 

I will give you a 10-30 minute heads up to my arrival. All no-shows and clients that canceled/reschedule after confirming their appointment must pay in full to rebook. If you are running late please let me know as soon as possible. I may need to reschedule you and you may need to pre-pay to book your next appointment. The best way to get ahold of me during the workweek is to text, due to not answering my phone because I am either on the road, with a dog or a client.

At this time Wuf does not require a deposit before your appointment. However, please be courteous of my time and effort to get your dog on the schedule. You may have heard that there is a nationwide skilled groomer shortage, this is very true and real. Groomers across the United States are being inundated with phone calls of potential new clients and new dogs that all want to get groomed. Groomers cannot keep up! Groomers are refusing new clients and becoming burnt out. I do not want this to happen to my business. So please be courteous and understand that my time is valuable and respect my cancelation policy.

You will receive a reminder text 1 day prior to your appointment and once confirmed, your time slot is spoken for and no one else can book an appointment during that time. If you do not respond to my text, I will assume that you are not keeping your scheduled appointment and I will not be showing up. I will not service unconfirmed appointments and this will result in you having to pay my cancelation fee before I can book your next appointment. The fee will be determined based on what kind of dog you have and the service they get. Also if you have more than one dog the fee will obviously be larger and may result in you being terminated as a client. 

Multiple missed, canceled, or rescheduled appointments will result in the termination of our services. I also offer latch-key services. Be sure to ask if that is something you are interested in. 

Health or Medical Problems

Please ensure your dog is fit and healthy before the grooming appointment. Grooming of sick and elderly dogs is entirely at your, the owners, own risk and I may have to stop the groom at any point. 


Grooming may also uncover pre-existing skin and health conditions that you the owner may not be aware of. It may also aggravate a current issue and I cannot be held liable for that. 


I do my very best to use caution and be very ginger when I am working on dogs with known health issues. All medical expenses for veterinary care will be covered by you, the owner, upon signing my client intake form. 


Also if you have a senior dog, these babies are a lot more fragile and require a lot more patience and love. This is not a problem for me, however, it is important for you to know that senior dogs are much like senior humans. They may have dementia and issues with coordination. When dogs have gotten to this stage in their lives, it's important to NEVER push the grooming process, and depending on their condition, I am willing to do a comfort groom on them. A "comfort" groom is not typical cutesy grooming, it won't look perfect and I might not be able to do everything that a "normal" groom would get. It's important for you, the owner, to lower the expectations of your dog's grooming looks when they get to this stage. I am just here to help them feel more comfortable until the end of their days and make sure they are happy and healthy.


Although accidents are very rare, there is a risk when handling dogs. These are moving creatures and I am working with sharp objects and possible accidents can occur, including (but not limited to): cuts, nicks, scratches, minor bruising on sensitive skin, or quicking of a toenail. 


Your dog's safety and comfort are my number one priority. In the event an accident does occur, you will be notified. As a side note, I also document (written, photo, and video) any accidents (minor or not) while the dog is in my care. 


It must be understood and agreed that dogs are accepted at you, the owner’s, own risk. The welfare of your dog is my first priority. In the event of illness or injury, a Vet may be sought. All costs in connection with this will be at you, the owner’s, own expense. If it can be proven that I am liable, then I will need a Vet report to send to my insurer. 

Current Vaccinations

Veterinary advice and CA state law are that your dog is vaccinated and these are kept up to date. It is entirely at you, the owners, risk if your dog is not vaccinated, or do not receive their boosters and I cannot be held liable if your dog catches something it could have been vaccinated against, it will be impossible to prove where your dog picked this up from. 


I take all necessary safeguards to protect myself as well as your dog in my care from illnesses. I clean and disinfect my van and equipment thoroughly in between each appointment slot. 


All puppies must have at least one set of their shots and be at least 8 weeks old to be groomed by Wuf Holistic Mobile Dog Grooming, LLC. This is all for the protection of not only your pup but all the other dogs that I groom.



Payment will be taken at the end of the service provided. 


Any quote that was given before the groom is an estimate and your dog’s groom may cost more depending on coat condition and temperament/difficulty to groom. 


Owners (over the age of 18) must be home for their scheduled appointment time, that is unless you are a current client of mine and I am already aware of the groom you would like and the condition/temperament of your dog. At which point I can provide a latchkey service. Meaning you can leave a key or a door unlocked, put your dog(s) in a designated room with the door closed, or in their kennel(s), and I can get them from inside the home without you being present. Super easy peasy and convenient.  If utilizing the latchkey service you must have either a card on file with me or leave me cash. If using a card on file there will be a $5 fee added to your groom price. This is due to the added fees that I have for not physically swiping a card. 


If you are any later than 15 minutes the groom will be canceled and a cancellation fee charged (see cancelation policy).


Owners must also be home to collect their dog when the groom is finished unless a key is left and a card is saved on file or cash is left.


Wuf Holistic Mobile Dog Grooming accepts cash payments as well as card payments through Square. If paying with cash please have the correct amount ready, as I do not carry change onboard.






I strive to have great communication with my clients. If there is anything about any of these policies that is unclear to you, please let me know and I will do my best to explain them so that everyone can be in agreement. As explained above, my client intake form will be emailed to you for your records, and you must read my policies and procedures and sign and date at the bottom and send them back to me before your scheduled appointment. This is to ensure that both myself, you and your pet are safe and secure. Thank you for your understanding.

Gratuity is always welcomed for my services!!