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Wuf Holistic Mobile Dog Grooming, LLC is a state-of-the-art mobile grooming van that brings the convenience of the grooming salon to your door. However, we do operate slightly differently than most groomers.

                 As I am sure you've noticed the word Holistic... What is this? Well, Holistic in the grooming industry means that we treat the dogs as a whole, mind, body, and spirit. The actual WORD holistic means if something isn't healthy and balanced both physically and mentally/emotionally, and even spiritually, then it is losing some of the life quality that it could have. So to me, it's very Important for the dog's in my care to be treated holistically. Meaning they leave my care feeling as good as they look, and they are happy and healthy. They may be a little tired and want to rest their eyes from the relaxing day at the spa though, this is totally normal. Holistic grooming wasn't created to make grooming look more "alluring" to the pet parent. It was created out of necessity in our industry to help provide the dogs and the owners with what they deserve. Dogs deserve a better level of care that I feel that I, as a pet professional, have a duty to provide. One could also call holistic grooming, integrative grooming. Much like there are integrative health professionals or doctors, I am providing a service that your pet really deserves. No more loud and toxic salons. No more kennels or car rides. I want so much more for your doggo, I want more for you, and I want more for myself. This industry means the absolute world to me, and I aim to change how our industry is seen and want to be the voice for the dogs and for the groomers such as myself who care and want better. Grooming with kindness is what I do! 

                Dogs speak in energy, they cannot speak as we can. I (Erin, owner of Wuf) am an empath and I can feel the energy of others, especially animals. This means that I  connect to each and every dog that I groom on an energetic level and speak to them and keep them calm and they know that they are safe with me. This may sound "Woo Woo" or strange to you, but I promise once your dog gets to know me I will be their new best friend. All this means is that I wholeheartedly care about each and every dog that I groom and want to do better for the grooming industry. I know that the grooming experience can be a little stressful for some dogs, so I am able to tap into them and make it a more enjoyable experience for all.

                I am also a certified Reiki 1 Practitioner. Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing. Often referred to as healing hands, in which a universal energy is said to be transferred through the palms of me, the practitioner, to the dog that I am working on in order to encourage emotional or physical healing. This energy work is beneficial to dogs with anxiety, high stress levels, senior dogs with ailments, or really any dog. All dogs can benefit from this healing energy. When I got attuned and certified to be a Reiki practitioner, I literally did it just for the dogs in my care. That is how passionate I am about dogs and their well being. The best part about me being attuned to Reiki is that I can put Reiki energy into objects. This means that all of my products, such as my shampoos, conditioners, tools, everything that will touch your dog is vibrating with Reiki. Because of this, most of the dogs that leave my care will knock out after their spa day with me. Their owners will usually text me and let me know how relaxed their dogs are. This is very normal and one of my most favorite things about what I do. I love being able to give your dogs peace. 

                My grooming van is state-of-the-art and is eco-friendly. It is powered by an inverter battery, not a noisy generator. I am fully contained, meaning I will not have to ask to plug into your home for water or power. Also, your dog will have a nice warm bath with my onboard hot water heater, which means no more cold water for your furry loved one.

                All of the products that I use are eco-friendly and all-natural!! This means that it is all safe for your dogs, family, and the planet. I believe in using the best of the best when it comes to pampering your furry loved ones, whatever I use on them, I also use on my fur babies. I also believe in conserving the planet that we live on and using only products that will never harm our environment. You can count on me to always have your beloved pet's best interest at heart and know that my skills and education will speak for themselves. 

One-On-One less stress for your pet! 

Wuf is currently servicing Menifee, Sun City, Canyon Lake, Canyon Hills, Wildomar, Winchester, Murrieta, and Temecula



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Certified International Professional Groomer

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Credentials & Education


I have been in the industry for over 15 years. I have multiple credentials and certifications and pride myself on keeping up to date on trends as well as up-and-coming things in the industry. I am Reiki 1 certified and love speaking in energy to dogs. Dogs are my passion, and I love making them feel as good as they look. My passion for pets and this industry is fundamentally great. Anyone who knows me understands that dogs are my entire life. 


I am a Certified Professional Groomer through International Professional Groomers, INC (IPG). I am currently working on obtaining my Advanced Professional Groomers Certification, and then off to my Masters.


I am a member of California Professional Pet Groomers Association (CPPGA), National Dog Groomers of America Association (NDGAA), Association of Holistic Pet Professionals, I am a Certified Canine Esthetician, I am Dog CPR & First-Aid Certified through Barkleigh, and I belong to a monthly membership program through Pawsitive Educational Training where I can learn new things as well as keep updated on the world of grooming. I am a huge proponent in continued education for groomers in my industry.