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Treating the dog as a whole; mind, body, & spirit


All-Natural Products

Sleeping Dogs

Humanity First

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Convenience At Your Door

Wuf cares about the health of your pet and your family. All of the products used are completely all-natural and the best that the grooming industry has to offer. Each product is hand-selected to be tailored to your dog's needs. All of the products that we use are eco-friendly and non-toxic.

As a Certified Professional Groomer, Erin believes in humanity before vanity. We will always put your dog's health and emotional needs before looks. We love what we do and making dogs look beautiful, but we pride ourself on helping them feel as amazing as they look; focusing on them as a whole, mind, body & spirit.

Wuf is a fully contained mobile unit that brings the grooming salon to your front door! This is a one-on-one, stress-free environment that is sure to wow you and your pup! We pride ourself on being one of the only eco-friendly groomers in the area. Wuf runs on inverter power which means less harmful toxins in our environment. This also means no noisy generators! Just remember, there is no planet B.

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